50 forms of abuse


50 forms of abuse

1. manipulation (using love bombing tactics to lure or hoover!)
2. lies
3. verbal abuse (name calling)
4. degradation
5. objectification
6. hitting, slapping, pinching, shoving, finger in your face, kicking, biting; physically or sexually!
7. sexual abuse-porn addictions, depravity, deviancy, objectification
8. withholding sex
9. silent treatments
10. blaming
11. projecting
12. gaslighting
13. walking away from you during a discussion.
14, purposely frustrating you in resolution to problems you bring up
15. changing subjects
16. cheating
17. yelling/raging
18. NO EMOTIONAL RESPONSE TO YOUR PAIN and/or unusual response to the pain of others or to situations such as death or illness
19. neglect
20. ignoring repeated requests for anything
21. abusing in any way, your children or pets
22. stalking or monitoring you at work, at play or any other way
23. control
24. isolation
25. seeming pleasure at your pain
26. sexual coercion
26. coercion through alcohol or drugs
27. making you feel worthless, suicidal or deeply depressed
28. comparing you to others
29. purposely looking at other women in front of you
30. berating
32. shallow affect
33. sucking you in and then attempting to DESTROY YOU
34. asking for a negative behavior NOT to be repeated, but then it happens again and WORSE the next time.
35. insensitive to your thoughts and feelings
36. contrived or fake emotions of love
37. endless games, push/pull
38. Jekyl/Hyde personality
39. cog/dis in the relationship in order to survive it.
40. having an argument, then the psychopath pretends it never happened.
41. guilting you
42. shaming you
43. leaving you behind in places that are far away or dangerous
44. stealing your money, hiding money, lying about finances.
45. fostering an air of unpredictability, anxiety or stress.
46. calling, texting, emailing constantly under the pretentiousness of how your day is going or where you’ve been or where you are.
47. humiliation disguised as a joke
48. making derogatory comments about your clothing, your personality, sexuality, social status, financial status, friends or family
49. purposely creating drama and arguments as a way to degrade or upset you.
50. denial of your reality


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