The bad guys always win.

“The State justice system protects psychopaths from retaliation by their victims.”

Here is an example. Suppose an abusive parasitic coworker lies about me, and I am unfairly fired. If I seek true justice and punch the scumbag, then I would be treated as a criminal. Seeking justice through the State legal system would be pointless. In this manner, the State prevents justice, because you can’t punch someone who deserves it. If I said “It was OK to punch him. He was a scumbag who needed to be punched.”, State “justice” wouldn’t accept that as a valid excuse. According to State “justice”, lying about someone and unfairly firing them is 100% legal.

Excerpt from: Two Kinds Of Psychopaths



One thought on “The bad guys always win.

  1. You’re correct. There is no such thing as legal justice for these scumbags. The sociopath I know and dated tried using the legal system to intimidate me into silence. Instead, I channeled him and asked, “What would the sociopath do to get revenge?” (I know, that’s a dangerous and slippery slope.) So, I created my own website and and wrote, and wrote, and wrote. I track the traffic using Google Analytics and KNOW every time he or his mother visit the site. I even know how long they spend reading the Story. This provides a sense of justice, because he can’t touch it. He can’t sue me or control ANYTHING I write. He can’t delete anything. He can choose NOT to visit the site, but he does. And I update it often. 🙂

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