Opinion about “sociopaths”

By “Gigi”
January 14, 2012 – 1:50 am

Cain leads Abel to death

Cain leads Abel to his death.

Sociopaths cannot be rehabilitated thus therapy of any kind is useless.

They are very clever, very charming, and learn rapidly how to twist whatever information they come across, or what you say, to their gain.

If their lips are movin’ they are lyin’. How do I know? Had two such in my life.

One in 25 is estimated to be a sociopath. All of them lack empathy, but not all of them are killers. Makes one believe in the theory of the “bad seed.” Cain’s children live on, folks.

Sick, they are not. Evil is what they are and, as we put down rabid dogs, we need to put down the worst of these creatures.


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